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Who We Are

We are a group of hard-working folks with a passion for manufacturing. Whether apprentice or master machinist, assembly technician, or engineer, our team takes pride in the work we do for our customers.


Located on Florida's Space Coast, we were founded out of a need for quality, efficient machining services.  As the manufacturing division of KAM Technologies, our goals have been to use modern machining practices to reduce time, waste, and cost from the components that we create.

Our Mission

Our desire is to manufacture quality parts at affordable prices and, through continuously improving our processes and equipment, to add value to our customers projects.

Core Values


We believe success starts with quality and, because of that quality, we take pride the work that we produce.


We stive to minimize waste, whether material or time, to ensure that we are providing the best value possible.


We hold communication, both internal and with our customers, as a vital component of an effective organization.

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